The Remote Cleaning CEO Handbook

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What is The Remote Cleaning CEO Handbook?

The Remote Cleaning CEO Handbook is guaranteed to be the most detailed informational product in the world related to starting and running a cleaning company remotely. Including an incredibly detailed synopsis of the different platforms available related to marketing and hiring, as well as in-depth descriptions of how to handle the real-world problems that CEOs of these businesses are faced with every day and how to solve them.

This handbook is a how-to manual on the fundamentals of how to start a cleaning business remotely, including everything related to hiring, firing, marketing, branding, and building your website.

Then, it covers all of the reasons that your company is going to fail.

You heard me right. But that's not all. This handbook will show you how to put out every "fire" capable of bringing down your business so you can confidently expand your company and dominate your market.

Starting and successfully operating one of these companies is hard, and that's a good thing. There's a reason that everyone doesn't do it, and this handbook will help you understand why that is and how you can actually build a cleaning business that makes enough money for you to quit that 9-5.

This handbook will cover the following:

Part 1: An Introduction to Home Cleaning

Part 2: The Remote Cleaning Business Structure

Part 3: Hiring/Retaining Staff

Part 4: Marketing

Part 5: Branding and Website

Part 6: Why Your Remote Cleaning Company is Going to Fail

Part 7: A Crash Course in Taxes and Accounting

ALSO INCLUDES documents relevant to starting a cleaning business, including:

  1. Contractor Agreement Template
  2. Phone Interview Script
  3. Cleaner Job Description
  4. "What Does The Cleaning Include" spreadsheet
    • Breaks down the differences between a regular clean, deep clean, and move-in/move-out clean
  5. Recommended Equipment for Cleaners
  6. Cleaner Bonus Programs
  7. 1099 Tax Form template to send to cleaners

My Mission: 

To create the best educational resource in the world on how to start and operate a profitable cleaning company remotely. If you're going to start a cleaning business, my mission is to make this the best investment that you ever make.

In the pursuit of this mission, I’ll be continuously adding to this product and improving it based on customer feedback.

As I add things, I’ll incrementally increase the price. However, when you buy this handbook (and all of the incredibly helpful content that comes with it), you’ll automatically get grandfathered in to receive all of the content that I continue to add to the course for the foreseeable future.

In addition, you’ll also receive my email address, so you can ask me questions about how to deal with specific situations that the handbook might not cover.

By the way...

How do I know for a fact that this is the most detailed informational product on the market related to operating a cleaning company remotely? Because I spent thousands of dollars on one of the most expensive accelerator programs available related to running a remote cleaning company, and I was still banging my head against the wall making countless mistakes before my company finally made money.

If I had access to this book, I would have saved thousands of dollars, plenty of sleepless nights, and it would have cost me a fraction of the price.

This book has been over a year in the making, and it's a culmination of painstaking documentation of everything I've learned since starting my own business, as well as the cross-examination of a handful of other CEOs of similar companies. I'm so confident that you'll like it that I'll give you a full refund at any time if you don't think that your investment in this book is worth it.

Not sure if you want to buy? Check out my Twitter: @Pontodotdev for a taste of the type of content that this course contains. But don't wait too long. This is the cheapest that this handbook will ever be.



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The Remote Cleaning CEO Handbook

13 ratings
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